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Florida Distributor Offers High Quality Hemp Products

DNA Distributor Offers High Quality Hemp Products in Florida.

After the passage of the 2018 FARM BILL, Hemp became popular as an alternative option to pain pills and anti-depressants. The popularity grew after several incredible stories and documentaries showed how just one dose of Hemp CBD could help a child reduce seizures by over 50% (NIH Article)

Around 2019 CBD started to show up in just about every place imaginable. From Gas Stations to Coffee Shops. The popularity was growing and retailers wanted to join in. The FDA has shared information from research done on Pharmecutical Grade CBD, but other than that Hemp Products are generally considered to be - Nutraceuticals and they are not regulated - most Hemp products indicate that the FDA has not approved any claims or statements regarding Health. In Florida, the regulatory arm is: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. There are pages of information you can find on their website: https://www.fdacs.gov/Cannabis-Hemp

Consumer demand is projected to continue to grow YoY and Hemp vendors are beginning to grow into respected industry vendors. DNA Distributor started in 2017 as a new venture bringing over 20 years of Computer Distribution and National Channel Management to the Hemp Industry. "At the time there were no regional or national Hemp Distributors", creating a business need - this is how  the founders of DNA Distributor came up with the idea in 2017. After seeing how one of the largest Computer IT Distributors (Tech Data) grew every year for 20 straight years, DNA Founders felt it was a good time to begin a Hemp Distributor that retailers could trust. 

Hemp Products now include Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC. This new Hemp derived product is legal for sale in Florida and once again, Retailers are seeing the high volume of purchases and adding more Delta 8 products to their shelves. 

DNA Distributor plans on the Hemp industry and the popularity of CBD and Delta 8 THC products to continue to grow. They are adding more products that continue to perform well in their Distribution Clients Stores. Products like their Green Diamond CBD FL - Delta 8 THC Pre-rolls are one of their most popular items. Green Diamond is an Approved Florida Hemp Grower and DNA Distributor is an Authorized Distributor. The FDACS has stated their position on Hemp, CBD and Delta 8 THC on their website and also indicates the LEGAL REQUIREMENT for retails to offer Delta 8 THC (read more-click here)

If you have interest in adding High Quality Hemp Products to your Retail Store you can contact them easily via their website: www.DNAdistributor.com