Are you searching for: reliable CBD Vendors?

DNA Distributor has represented High Quality Hemp Oil Vendors since 2017.  

In two years time we've tested numerous vendors products and aligned with the best vendors. 

 Each Vendor has established a proven track record of Product Quality (COA) and Client Feedback, since 2017. 

Remove the "RISK" of choosing the wrong vendor and losing client trust. Our vendors have Positive Feedback.

DNA Distributor Services

Wholesale CBD


We have established relationships with several High Quality CBD Vendors giving you product choices. 

Each Vendor Must pass their own Certificate Of Analysis as well as pass other industry standards.

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DNA Wholesale Distributor


The popularity for Hemp Oil products increases each month. Business Owners are faced with choosing which product to carry from an army of vendors calling every day.  

As a Store Owner you have too many things to do every day!!

We know you don't have the time to take each vendors call. 

Our goal is to TAKE OVER your TASK of - Searching for a CBD Vendor(s) to partner with, which includes due diligence tasks like:

  • Contact each vendor and interview them
  • Validate COA test results and product purity
  • Validate Positive Feedback on CBD Products
  • Conduct small trials with clients seeking participation
  • Learning vendors monthly ordering process, lead times, invoicing.

 Do you know what questions to ask the vendor? Do you know what Hemp Seed Oil vs. Hemp Extraction CBD Oil is? What is your basis for trusting a new vendor, can you trust their own endorsement?

We work with multiple HEMP OIL vendors and carry the right amount of  high quality hemp oil products. Our simple list of items gives you a solid lineup of products i

Hemp Oil Training


When you work with us, you and your store staff will receive product training and sales materials. 

DNA Distributor provides sales tools including:

  • FAQ Hot Sheets
  • Overview of Hemp and Retail
  • Sales Triggers
  • Client Support

Clients Served

Pet Store Franchise


A National Franchise with Independant Store owners had an interest in Hemp cbd Oil for Pet Anxiety due to pet owners asking for the product for their dogs wellness.  DNA Distributor helped train their store staff and has now supplied over 500 bottles of PET OIL.  

Specialty Herb and Organic Store


A local herb shop did not know which CBD vendor to trust. DNA helped them pick 3 products. 3 month later sales are growing and we've added 2 new vendor products.

Doggie Day Care and Boarding


Dogs can have Separation Anxiety, Pet Owners do not like to treat dog anxiety with a prescription for many reasons. DNA has several doggie day care clients that offer CBD to pet owners for a better experience for their dog.

Pet Shelters and Rescues


We have over 100 positive testimonials from dog owners. When a pet is lost or abandoned and finds their way to a dog shelter or kennel they can experience extreme anxiety. Again, shelters that care about their pets quality of life while in a shelter would rather have an organic anxiety herb oil to use instead of a prescription drug which makes dogs zombies. 

We work with a few local dog shelters and have donated over 2000.00 in HEMP OIL CBD to local pet shelter organizations to help pets adjust.

e-commerce and drop ship


We have desinged and deployed several e-commerce websites for clients. We have experience with every step needed: Merchant Account Tips, Product Vendor Questions to ask before you buy stock, how to set up a shopify or wordpress website, etc.

Let our team of planners help you avoid what can be a costly mistake if you pick the wrong vendor. 

Retail Website Example (live site): www.HHoutlet.com

Education and FAQs


If you own or manage a retail store you have over 100 things to manage. Evaluating and selecting HEMP products should be easy. 

Our sales team has extensive industry knowledge and experience with hemp vendors, vegan questions, yogi questions, organic questions, end user questions and concerns, pet owner questions.

When we work with your busines, we educate via easy to use sales hot sheets, dose charts, FAQ's. 

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